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PRC launches iPort to give more users easy access to data.

Aug 3, 2020

The Publisher Research Council of South Africa and Nielsen have collaborated and PAMS2019 is now easily accessed on Nielsen’s iPort system.

iPort is a dashboard creation tool, which was recently made available to the South African market.

“It is the latest in a series of moves taken by the PRC to use the latest technological tools to make its data accessible to users, following an upgraded and responsive website, the inclusion of a handy SEM calculator and effective social media channels to ensure agencies are kept abreast of PRC news and can easily access our data,” says CEO of the PRC, Josephine Buys.

Buys emphasises that iPort is not a planning tool competing with Telmar or Clear Decisions, but rather offers agencies an overview of the whole PAMS2019 survey.

Karen Phelan, a member of the Advertising Media Forum’s board and veteran agency planner, has tested the iPort system. “The PRC PAMS Dashboard provides a great overview of the data available within PAMS 2019.  Whether you quickly want to get an overview of the South African population’s reading habits, the demographic profile of Sunday Times readers or a demographic profile of people who own a Toyota, the data is easily and quickly accessible on the dashboard,” she says.

“The data points have been graphed and can be downloaded to Excel or as an image. The dashboard provides a wealth of data points across all the reading metrics from Paper/Digital Past 4 Weeks, AIR or Digital Past 4 Weeks. The graphs reflect category readership for example, magazines, as well as title level data.  Brand data is just as easily accessible, as is a profile of the population.  A quick, user friendly, easy to navigate wealth of information,” she adds.

Hank Bento, Associate Director at Nielsen Media South Africa, says from the moment they discovered the tool, Nielsen believe it would benefit the media industry. “The PAMS Dashboard makes PAMS available to everyone in a simple-to-use interface, and opens up access to industry information, which previously was limited to the subscription of specialised software only,” he says.

“iPort positions PRC to become an information gateway, allowing for the traditional deep dive through third party software, as well as providing a top level interface that anyone can access, without the need for special software. The more people who can access the industry information, the better we all will be at planning for tomorrow!” Bento explains.

The platform will help:

  • Media owners and their sales teams, with every sales person being able to get a quick, full overview of their titles and competitors to aid in driving advertising sales
  • Agencies, by giving all their staff access to the PAMS data without the need for everyone to have access to specialised software to get top line insights
  • Clients, to get an overview of the media landscape and help plan their internal strategies without needing to request the data from their agencies
  • Anyone else who has a need for information covered in PAMS 2019

Buys says the iPort enables users to gain insights into the consumer behaviour of South Africans (the full adult national universe), delivering data on their habits and interests. “The topline results cover demographics, financial, shopping, household and motor vehicle data,” she adds. “It offers compelling reasons for targeting readers.”

Access the iPort here. 


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