After a period of intense data validation, the Publisher Research Council’s (PRC) second biennial Print Audience Measurement Survey is live and available on all research and software bureaux. The data researches titles and brands.

What is PAMS?

The Publisher Audience Measurement Survey (PAMS) is South Africa’s reading currency designed to achieve an accurate measurement of reading behaviour across multiple platforms to enable the buying and selling of advertising and advertising space.

The research, conducted by Nielsen, measures the readers of 130+ newspapers, magazines and websites. This title specific media currency survey is based on first world methodologies and best of breed practices. With many research ‘firsts’ and innovative changes, PAMS is the first reading study worldwide to use ‘flooding’. Additionally, global AIR (Average Issue Readership) is included and the recency method is used. The PRC introduced a tighter new reading measure, known as CORE readers, which can be found here.

For the media industry, the beloved brands are back – from motor vehicles to financial institutions to retail, including food, fashion and furniture. The survey determines who’s responsible for category and brand purchases, where they buy, what they read and on what platform. With a random probability sample in excess of 15 000 respondents, results will generally fall within a few percentage points margin of error.

A word of caution though, the survey’s data (including the paper measure) is not comparable with any other reader surveys.

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PAMS 2019 Launch Event Presentation

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PAMS 2019 Documents

PAMS 2019 Launch Presentation (PDF)
PAMS 2019 Questionnaire download (PDF)
PAMS 2019 Final Technical Report (PDF)

PAMS 2017 documents

PAMS 2017 Launch Presentation (PDF)
PAMS 2017 Questionnaire (DOCX)
PAMS 2017 Final Technical Report (PDF)

Bureaux Contacts

PAMS data is available from the following media software bureaux:


Jennifer Daniel

Nielsen Clear Decisions


Andrew Fulton


Hilary Crowther