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FUSION Workshops

FUSION2020 was launched in November 2020 and we will be running workshops on FUSION in the future, so there are plenty of opportunities to get a deeper understanding of this valuable resource.

Please contacts us at info@prc.za.com if you would like to arrange a dedicated workshop for your team.

Watch this explanation of FUSION by Jonathon Wells, Senior Vice President – Data Science at Nielsen Media International.

Fusion is the future of media research


Due to the proliferation of media and the challenge of traditional single-source research relying on the respondents’ fallible recall of events; fusing of data from medium-specific studies that use actual cookies in the case of digital measurement or people meters for television is a far better and more accurate solution. By fusing (combining) data from different studies at the respondent level we are able to obtain much richer and deeper audience insights.

FUSION allows us to capture longitudinal data (actual behavioural data, captured over a number days, week or months) vs. the single “snapshot” of a traditional questionnaire based on the respondents recall of say their past week shopping as was the case with AMPS. For example the Nielsen CPS panel of 4000 households is based on actual purchases, audited with till slips and bar codes over a 12 month period. This equates to over 210,000 actual shopping occasions vs 25,000 weeks in AMPS based on 1 respondent remembering what the entire HH has bought. CPS audited data is an exact mirror of actual market share.

The PRC was the first JIC in Africa to introduce Fusion in 2018, and now we have partnered with the BRC to bring the industry a new four-way multi FUSION with PAMS as the hub survey being fused with Television Audience Measurement Survey (TAMS), Consumer Panel Survey (CPS) and Digital Consumer Survey (DCS).

The new multi FUSION fused dataset that includes PAMS, TAMS, CPS and DCS, contains more data points than any other media research study ever published in South Africa. This fused data set contains 953 909 612 data points, almost 3 times the 355 694 352 data points in AMPS. With over 2,200 brands the multi FUSION gives media planners and advertisers, richer and deeper insights than ever before, and will become the de facto media planning tool in SA.

FUSION2020 is brought to you by PRC and BRC, leaders in relevant and insightful research to enable better media planning and increase your advertising ROI as a result.

FUSION2020 is now available across all partner software bureaux.

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Fusion weights

Download the FUSION2020 Weights (PDF)

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FUSION2020 documents

Nielsen FMCG 2019 Brand by Category List (PDF)
BRC TAMS 2020 Channel List (PDF)
Nielsen DCS 2020 Questionnaire (PDF)
Nielsen FMCG 2019 Category by Brand List (PDF)
PAMS 2019 Questionnaire (PDF)