READ2021 (REader Audience Data)

The new readership currency READ2021 (REader Audience Data) release has been released, bringing a seismic change to current research methodology, moving away from a single survey to aggregated and fused data.  The new dataset combines the PAMS 2021 Online survey and the brand and offline component from PAMS 2019.

READ2021 contains imputed (fused) brand and other questions from PAMS 2019 onto the new online data as well as stacking the offline respondents from PAMS 2019 with the new online data. Unlike AMPS and PAMS, the new readership currency is not a single survey but a combination of these two studies, creating the new READ2021 datafile.

The PAMS 2021 Online survey was conducted using an Online Panel of 10 010 (aged 15+) interviews conducted over four and a half months, from mid-May to end-September 2021. The PAMS 2019 survey was conducted using a Face-to-Face methodology covering the four-month fieldwork period of August to November 2019 and interviewed 15 250 respondents (15+). The PAMS 2019 Offline component of 4 720 respondents, was stacked (combined) with the PAMS 2021 online datafile.

Download the READ2021 Technical Report (PDF)