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Lumen Attention

Print provides a depth that is extremely difficult to replicate on other media platforms. In the research conducted by research company whyfive and premium annual landscape survey, BrandMapp, the PRC provides insights into those at the top end of the SEM scale.

BrandMapp looks at 25 599 economically active adults who live in households earning in excess of R25 000 per month. In short, it paints a unique picture of economically active South Africans.In on-going, large sample studies over the past two years, London based research company Lumen has conclusively proved that the actual viewing of, as opposed to potential exposure to adverts (no matter the reading platform of digital or print) leads to almost 9 times more sales.

Lumen is an attention technology company that uses eye tracking cameras to measure the actual visual engagement readers have with various media types. Just because consumers can see an ad, does not mean that they will look at it. Advertising typically gets looked at for very short periods of time – regardless of how much detail advertisers include.

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