Items Yes No
icon  Post Office near
icon  Police station near
icon  Built-in kitchen sink
icon  Home security service
icon  Motor car
icon  Deep freezer which is free standing side-by-side fridge and freezer
icon  Microwave oven
icon  Floor polisher or vacuum cleaner
icon  Washing machine
icon  Flooring
Finished floor with parquet, carpet, tiles, ceramic, etc.
Cement, concrète, raw wood, etc.
None, earth, dung, etc.
icon  Water
Hot running water
Inside the house / Store bought water
Outside the house, on your property / Outside the house, shared with neighbours
icon  Type of toilet
Flush toilet inside the house
Flush toilet outside the house/Pit toilet outside the house / Portable toilet outside the house/Other
icon  Roofing
Concrete / Tiles
Thatch or grass / Shingles / Plastic sheets / Multiple materials / Asbestos / Other / Metal, tin or zinc
icon  Number of sleeping rooms
None or one sleeping room
Two sleeping rooms
Three or more sleeping rooms
SEM score
SEM group