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The power of print over digital media

2018-08-15T14:30:33+02:00Aug 15, 2018|

In this PrintPower case study, Ikea shows how print advertising can catalyse just as much social conversation. Magazine ads might ...

Best of Print Ads: The best six

2018-03-19T10:32:25+02:00Mar 19, 2018|

This week the best print ads selected by guest judge Matthew Sharp Fera feature Lego, McCann, The Economist, Union Cafe, MacCoffee ...

Best of Print Ads: What do health and ice cream have in common?

2018-03-06T10:27:25+02:00Mar 6, 2018|

The power of print advertising: to build and strengthen brand recognition. http://www.bestadsontv.com/ad/92717/Zero-Discrimination-Day-End-Blood-Discrimination http://www.bestadsontv.com/ad/92677/McDonalds-1-Dirham-Coin-1-Dirham-Cone http://www.bestadsontv.com/ad/92684/KKT-Orthopedic-Spine-Center-Bahrain-Painkillers-Alligators http://www.bestadsontv.com/ad/92649/Novartis-Bicycle http://www.bestadsontv.com/ad/92651/Red-Cross-Blood-Donation http://www.bestadsontv.com/ad/92596/Simba-Sponge-Highly-absorbent-sponge  

PAMS: Fusing the future

2018-02-16T10:37:08+02:00Feb 16, 2018|

Author, editor and expert in print media, Danette Breitenbach, covered the PAMS Launch presentation at the Bryanston Country Club on ...

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