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7 April 2020, 10h00 to 11h00

Can you see the future of your brand clearly?

PAMS brings your media and customers into focus.

Why should you believe the headline? PAMS 2019 is South Africa’s largest income weighted survey with brand data and a sample in excess of 15 000 respondents.

The sample and the quality of fieldwork are what sets PAMS apart from other surveys. The Publisher Research Council has gone to great lengths to ensure that PAMS is the best ever media sample in SA media with a number of firsts including:

  • Producing the first sample to use Household income in the sample Frame and Weighting
  • Using new Demographers GTI, to match rapid urbanisation profiles
  • Bringing in renowned global media expert Robert Ruud. Here’s what he says about PAMS 2019: “The PAMS 2019 sample design as developed by Prof Ariane Neethling seems to be well adapted to the particular socio-economic landscape of the South Africa market.
    The innovations adopted in terms of appointing a new demographic data partner GTI to provide accurate population movements into metro areas, combined with the inclusion of income sampling and weighting should result in a well-balanced and efficient sample is in line with global best practice."

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