If you are a publisher and want your readers measured and results delivered to the media and advertising industry, then you are invited to join the PRC.

Media engagement is intricate and is not the same across the different channels. How we engage with the channels is complex and can be driven by attention time, the quality of attention and the relationship (with a brand or with a channel). The print channel has recently seen lower reach figures and has come under pressure to validate the role that it plays in the overall media landscape

The Publisher Research Council (PRC) wants to drive home the message that print media creates quality engagement with consumers and can be used as an effective channel to deliver a return on investment. Research is required to understand cross-media interactions, evaluate the effectiveness of the different media channels (with focus on print media) and determine the attitudes and perceptions consumers have of print media. This research will provide input on building clearer communication objectives and ensuring campaign success in order to have the optimal effect on equity and share.

Press Release

Reading delivers the proven best advertising ROI

The Nielsen’s Advanced Analytics team has carried out numerous Media ROI (Return on Investment) studies over the past 3 years. Reading, i.e. Digital and Print combined, consistently deliver the greatest […]

Action: GfK Marketing Mix Evaluator Synergy Presentation

This Synergy study was undertaken by GfK. It concluded that the addition of print advertising to a single medium campaign yielded better ROI. GfK PRC Marketing Mix Evaluator Synergy Presentation […]

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