Fusion will be launched on 18 November 2020 as a digital event from 12:00 via Zoom webinar

Fusion is the future of all media research

Due to the proliferation of media and the challenge of traditional single-source research relying on respondents’ fallible recall vs. usage, medium-specific measurement tools such as cookies for digital measurement or people meters for television, fusion data science methodologies are undoubtedly the future for audience measurement data that works.

Fusion allows for ongoing monitoring and measurement of media consumption and household purchases with, for instance, the Nielsen CPS panel in which all products and retail till slips are scanned to provide actual data.

PRC remains at the very forefront of fusing multiple media and FMCG purchase studies to provide advertisers and media planners research data depth that they have never had before.

The new Fusion fused dataset contains four-and-a-half times more data points than any other media research study ever published in South Africa.

The new four-way Fusion data science set that includes PAMS, TAMS, CPS and DCS data is thus the new de facto media and brand planning tool in South Africa.

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Fusion is brought to you by PRC and BRC, leaders in relevant and insightful research to enable better media planning and increase your advertising ROI as a result.

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