Josephine Buys

Media and marketing pioneer Josephine Buys’ diverse career has placed her at the forefront of embracing media in a variety of industries and platforms, from publishing and entertainment, to agencies and the public sector. Her experience spans sales, marketing, brand development and e-commerce…

helping organisations to affect real and lasting change in the marketing and advertising sector.

Her career has included the launch of GQ to a skeptical South African market and steering FHM into its highest-ever (at the time) advertising revenues and sponsorships. Her role as part of the launch team on The Property Magazine ignited her passion for digital, when its page-turning digital edition was launched during the height of the property boom. Soon after, as account manager at digital agency Purple Cow, she presented ‘demystifying digital media’ in its infancy to the industry at large igniting some inaugural SEO and PPC adspend and early rich media concepts into the booming digital space.

From 2008 – 2014, Josephine managed her own brand development consultancy applying her expertise in media and marketing to both large corporates and smaller businesses, helping each of them to cross a threshold into new markets and guiding many into digital for the first time.

In 2014, a turning point for harnessing digital, the IAB (formerly the Digital Media & Marketing Association and prior to that, the original Online Publishers’ Association) appointed Josephine to serve 100+ members including online publishers, brands, educational institutions, creative, media and digital agencies, by leading the transition into a new age for media in SA. As the inaugural CEO of the 42nd chapter of the global IAB organisation, Josephine managed and hosted the annual Summit & Bookmarks until 2018.

Appointed as the inaugural CEO of the PRC in April 2019, Josephine now represents a trusted collective of SA’s major publishers, creating awareness of the power of the written word, by promoting read media (print and online) and commissioning several multimillion Rand research studies to demonstrate the quality of readers and the importance of print publishing in the marketing mix.