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Agile, cross-platform and collaborative: Media24 launches Adspace24

March 2, 2022

Media24 is evolving its sales division to meet the challenges facing today’s media landscape – and those of tomorrow. Adspace24 is the amalgamation of their two sales divisions, Ads24 and The SpaceStation, to forge a focussed, collaborative team able to create bespoke solutions ranging across Media24’s news products.

Ishmet Davidson - CEO Media24

Ishmet Davidson - CEO Media24

Adspace24 brings together the strengths and industry knowledge of Ads24 and The SpaceStation to offer integrated, cross-platform communication opportunities that span the Media24 News offering. This gives clients access to the audiences of more than 60 trusted news brands, that leverage digital media, print, television, content marketing and insights to drive a brand’s message home.

“In a world of always-on, increasing digital content consumption on multiple platforms, media owners have evolved from offering clients purely digital or print only advertising to supplying marketing communication solutions across formats and channels,” says Ishmet Davidson, CEO: Media24. “The demand, accelerated by the pandemic, is for solutions that deliver the right marketing message to the right audience effectively and cost-effectively.

“Our publishing model integrates formats, platforms and channels, taking the content reach of our legacy (formerly print-only) national brands way beyond ink on paper,” says Davidson. “It paved the way for also consolidating our commercial operations accordingly into a one-stop service hub for integrated solutions across our portfolio of trusted brands.”

Media24’s daily, Sunday and local platforms reach most target segments in South Africa, and Adspace24 provides seamless access to these platforms.

Evolving for agility and simplicity
“There are many challenges facing today’s media landscape, so we’re adapting to ensure that our client-facing teams are geared to meet these, both now and in the future,” says Tasmia Ismail, General Manager: Media24 News Advertising Sales.

“Given the lightning speed at which technological developments emerge and change nowadays, agility is critical. It also boosts accessibility and creativity – there are so many more innovative ways of brand storytelling than the traditional solutions that we can help brands reach out to their ideal audience.”

“Adspace24’s approach is to gain a deep understanding of our client’s needs and purpose, and then, working in close partnership with them, to tailor campaigns that engage their target audiences through Media24’s products.”

When combining Ads24 and The SpaceStation they also streamlined internal processes, says Ismail. “We have created a single, experienced team dedicated to the highest levels of customer service. We want working with us to be both easy and inspirational.”

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Ishmet Davidson - CEO Media24

Tasmia Ismail - General Manager, Media24 News Advertising Sales

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