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FUSION research is an absolute necessity

February 28, 2022

Industry leaders agree: FUSION is essential

To ascertain the value of the FUSION research study, created by the PRC and BRC with assistance from Nielsen, we asked media strategy leaders for their opinion about the value of the study.

Now the professional advertising media placement industry has spoken. Without the FUSION research study, it’s clear they will find it hard to plan effective advertising campaigns in the media researched.

Below are some of the views expressed.

Shannon Xokozela, Mindshare South Africa

“I use FUSION regularly, specifically for detailed audience breakdown and target market insights, as we’re not able to get this level of detail from other surveys.”

Byron John, OMG SA

“For eight of the last 10 strategies I’ve worked on, I’ve used the FUSION study.”

Andile Qokweni, Kintaro

“Without data-based research we are quite frankly planning in the dark. For this reason alone, we need FUSION.”

Margaret Ashwin, Mindshare South Africa

“FUSION is our only weighted research and trend reference at scale. After so many years out in the wilderness post the demise of AMPS, we would not have a world class research reference without it.”

Independent Media Strategist

Gordon Muller

“I firmly believe the absence of a FUSION 2022 study would have a devastating effect on the entire independent media-planning industry.”

Paul Middleton, Ebony & Ivory

“From my perspective, without FUSION, the cost to obtain this info will just reduce the marketers’ budgets.”


For the full set of industry influencer comments about the value of FUSION, click here.

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