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Mar 10, 2020


PRC opens up access to the SEM to allow planners ‘under the hood’


The Publisher Research Council (PRC) and Broadcast Research Council (BRC) have opened up access to its Socio Economic Measure (SEM) to allow media planners to give clients a stable picture of a household’s status.

Until now, planners haven’t been able to access the actual scorecard or calculators needed to “get under the hood to really understand the SEM’s workings”.

Prior to this, the PRC would deliver a presentation, remove the score sheet and slide, then send users a 19-page contract to sign first. The unwieldy process could take weeks to finalise, thus leading to a loss of momentum.

Because the score sheet is no longer secret, and the SEM open source, the PRC has created a series of infographics and has added an SEM calculator to the website to enable further understanding of the SEM. It indicates how South Africans live based on what they have access to, in and near their homes. The addition of tools such as this form part of a more extensive plan to educate and share learnings with users.

“This is a great step forward in ensuring the take-up and ease of use of the SEM,” says the PRC’s CEO, Josephine Buys.

SEM provides marketers with a balanced and real targeting tool when it comes to income, lifestyle, race, geography and much more. Ensuring increased access will allow marketers to re-orientate and reboot their thinking around South Africa’s population.

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