Best of Print Ads: Print advertising for the voiceless

The theme for this week of print advertisements seems to focus on issues of wildlife, the environment and women; those elements of our world that, to a large extent, remain voiceless. The best selected advertisement is for Reporter Magazine.

Creative: Don’t suck the life from our oceans Client, Green Peace.  Agency, Rethink Canada. 

Creative: Stay Informed Client, Reporter Magazine.  Agency,Y&R Prague.  


Creative: Taxis became Uber, telephones became smartphones, cheese became BonQ  Client, BonQ.  Agency, Filadélfia Communicação, Brazil.                                                   

Creative: Fight against dog fights  Client, Dog Watch Israel.  Agency, FCB Tel Aviv.      

Creative: Chip & Chip. Let’s keep the fish Client, WWF.  Agency, PUCPR, Brazil.   

Creative: They’ll listen  Client, Petz. Agency, Ogilvy Brazil.         




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